e239. Why Doctor Who?

This is another one of those shows where we wonder how have we done this many episodes of a pop culture podcast without devoting one to this fandom. Doctor Who has been a staple of science fiction for almost 60 years! The franchise has crossed over from television into comics, novels, radios plays, pin ball machines, video games and countless other media and it has spawned a devoted worldwide fandom. And somehow… we just sort of never got to it. It’s not that we don’t like it. We really do! Just… there’s a lot of content, you know? Anyway, on today’s episode Wayne and Mav welcome first time guests and massive lifelong Doctor Who fans Shelby Davis and Stephen Segal to talk about their love of the character as well as dissect the nuance of what makes the Doctor (and his/her companions) such a rich and beloved media franchise. Listen to us and then let us know your thoughts in the comments. Who is your favorite Doctor and why is it David Tennant and guess who wrote the show notes?

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