e250. We Always Figured We Would Do a Show on Quiet Quitting (Eventually)

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Do you remember “quiet quitting”? We can’t really blame you if you don’t. But the news media was all in an uproar about it… wow… like five months ago! They were talking about it like it was the fall of civilization. It was the worst thing in the world. It was… well, it apparently amounted to a bunch of nothing. Because for the most part, everyone seems to have forgotten about it. Hell, we wrote our Call for Comments all the way back in like October! We just… you know… didn’t get around to it. There was so much else to do and … well, you know… we’re doing it now, ok?

The thing is, quiet quitting was never really a thing. Or at least, it wasn’t a thing the way everyone made it out to be. It was a myth! But you know what was a thing? Capitalism! On today’s episode Katya and Mav welcome project management consultant Ani Govjian to talk all about the myth of quiet quitting and its relationship to pretty much the entire history of labor within capitalism from a Marxist lens! Fun huh? Well, we think so, and hopefully you do, so give it a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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