e251. Eating the Rich! (on film)

Episode artwork featuring movie posters from films about eating the rich, discussed on this episode.

A curious set of movies have been racking up nominations on the film circuit this awards season. Glass Onion, the Menu, and Triangle of Sadness. Each of these films has a peculiar thing in common… they’re basically about eating the rich… ok if not eating them than at least killing rich people… largely just because they’re rich. In fact, that’s arguably one of the most dominant themes in cinema right now. Is this just the standard reaction to capitalism or is there something more? Is “Eating the Rich” just a trendy political slogan? That seems weird, because it was trending like… four years ago! Why does it seem more pervasive than normal lately? On this episode we have a full house as Hannah, Katya, Monica and Mav welcome returning guests Nicole Freim and Ani Govjian to review and discuss Hollywood’s latest trend of class warrior films. Join us as we talk about a host of movies as well as other related pop culture class warfare like Kim Kardashian, and throwing cans of soup on priceless artwork. It’s all related! Really! Aren’t you curious to find out how? Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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