e257. Glasses Off, Hair Down! The Magic of Movie Makeovers

Episode artwork featuring characters from films famous for makeovers

A few shows ago we talked about the makeover in The Princess Diaries and how it wasn’t quite as … well… makeover-y as the haze of memory might make us believe. After that, Mav went on kind of a quest and looked at several movie makeovers in several films. What he discovered is that often the makeover isn’t really all that drastic. Not only is it usually somewhat simplified because Hollywood actors are usually conventionally “beautiful people” to start with, but the movies actually typically acknowledge this from the very start. Obviously, the moral of the story is typically something like “we’re all beautiful in our own way” or “we are all beautiful all along” but often the films acknowledge this even before the makeovers start. They often show characters who are quite comfortable being their unconventional selves before any of their friends interfere to make them over. So that leads us to an important question… what’s the point of the movie makeover anyway? On today’s episode, Mav is joined by returning guests Natalie Sheppard-Baudean and Nicole Friem as well as first-time guest Bex Truka to discuss the history, culture, and effectiveness of movie makeovers. Listen and let us know your thoughts.

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