e266. Everybody’s A.I. Critic?

A couple weeks ago, our friends over at Wisecrack made a video about “the purpose of snobbery” which was a catchy title and all, but really the point they were making was more about why criticism continues to exist and what it’s purpose is. However, what really got Mav was a point they made towards the very end claiming A.I. “can’t be a critic”. Mav instead argued that he thinks actually think it can be a critic… maybe even a snob. Just not a very good one! But then that might be okay, because it turns out that being a crappy critic is a highly marketable skill. In fact, it might currently be more marketable than being a good critic. But then that begs the question is criticism about marketability? Or is there something greater. And either way… can an A.I. do it? Should it? We wanted to talk about all of this more in-depth than Wisecrack covered in a 1 minute throwaway segment of an 18 minute video that was mostly about something else. So on this episode, Mav and Wayne invited Wisecrack producer Lux and editor Henry to talk it through on a long reaching in-depth conversation. Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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