e270. Why Do Fans Hate Things They Love?

If you ever talk to a big fan of Star Wars you’ll probably quickly find that they hate just about as much about Star Wars as they love. The same can be said of Star Trek fans, comic fans, Disney fans and frankly pretty much any fandom that you can imagine. As much of fandom seems to be about complaining about the stuff you love as it is… loving it! But why? Well, on today’s special crossover with our friends at the Protagonist Podcast, Mav and Joe and Andrew Darowski sit down and try to hash out the love/hate relationship that fans have with fandom and what it says about the idea of fan culture and the purpose and art of criticism. Listen as we work through the concepts and let us know what you think in the comments below (then go listen to the crossover episode on the Protagonist and see if you can spot the subtle differences)

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