e273. Is Pixar Over?

Last week, Pixar released their 27th feature film, Elemental and it has had… less than stellar box office reception despite having pretty rave reviews. This has actually been a problem with all Pixar films in the pandemic era, which has led some critics and fans to ponder is the Pixar era over? Are audiences tired of these films or are they just primed to watch them on Disney+? Or is something else going on? On today’s episode, Hannah, Monica and Mav are joined by media scholar and unapologetic Cars fan to talk all things Pixar and try to work out what’s going on, what’s the power of Pixar, what’s the future of Pixar and all manner of other things that are related as well as to review Elemental and make a pitch as to why you should go see it. Listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

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