e281. Saying Goodbye to Riverdale, the Best Show on Television

Episode artwork featuring final scene and poster from Riverdale finale

Riverdale has been a constant for this podcast since almost the very beginning. We devoted our sixth episode to talking about it. Calling it “the best show on television” has become a long running joke in the DNA of our show. However, last week, the CW aired the final episode of Riverdale, closing the door on not only that program, but an era of a certain kind of television production. Of course we had to do a show about it. Of course the problem was, like much of the world, most of the hosts of our show had long since stopped watching it. Well, that shouldn’t matter. On this episode, Mav — who has held tough and watched every single episode because he is a true fan — had Monica and Wayne, as well as returning guest Marcel Walker and first time guest Kate Hummel watch the final episode of Riverdale so we could break down not only the final episode but the craziness of what the show became and analyze it’s place in the larger movement of television history, youth culture, and legend of Archie. Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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