e310. The Biggest Oscar Upsets and Travesties

We did a couple of shows in the lead up to the Academy Awards last week. You’ve heard us talk about why the Oscars still exist and what function they serve as well as given our picks and reviews for this years nominees. But there’s one aspect of the Oscars that we haven’t really discussed, and it’s perhaps the most important part of the whole Academy Awards process. Complaining that they got it wrong. Well, on this week, we fix that as Andrew and Joseph Darowski of the Protagonist Podcast join Mav for a crossover show where we decide the Oscars and the complexities and debates surrounding them. We delve into the intricacies of Oscar voting and campaign impacts, discussing Oscar history’s notable anomalies, systemic biases, and speculating on alternate outcomes. And then we talk about the things that we personally feel they got wrong even within their own frameworks and why. Do you agree? Did we miss something? What are the biggest Oscar upsets and travesties to you? Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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