For what it’s worth I read P+P+Z and had never read an Austen novel and greatly enjoyed it (although I’m not an avid reader and that was probably the only way to get me to read something partially written by Austen, which isn’t a dig at her mind you.)

I remember watching a dystopian future Macbeth in my English class on VHS, and I ate that shit up too. At the very least, I think these sorts of “remixes” are great ways to get people like me who groan about “old stuff is boring” when they’re teenagers and get engaged with old things in these new contexts.

I thought Brightburn was an enjoyable horror film, but I agree it may be a little lost on people who aren’t familiar with the Superman narrative that’s being subverted, but then again I don’t know if that kind of person even exists nowadays.

I’m personally a junkie for Elseworlds and What Ifs. Like we talked in Phantom, that Spider-Man book coming out right now is totally my jam. Flashpoint was my jam. Secret Wars was my jam. I’m sure this weird shit going on in X-Men would also be my jam if I was reading it. Just keep feeding me the same story/characters but in incredibly different settings and I will never be disappointed tbh. Because it’s always fascinating to see how they connect the dots and make something fit in a particular setting.