Episode 10: Sex, Gender & FanFic

To some the world of fan fiction is the ridiculous hobby of geeks. To others it is a massive repository of erotica and pornography. But to many, it is a safe haven for Othered communities that have been kept from the mainstream — a place where they can be given a chance to express and explore their own unique voices. On this episode of VoxPopcast, Wayne and Mav are joined by fanfic author Laura JV and fanfic scholar Bethany Scettrini for a discussion of how sex and gender and fanfic all go together. We discuss the ways in which sex is both depicted and problematized in fanfic, the reasons for doing it, and the ways in which the fanfic and slashfic communities have become safe havens for women and the LGBTQ+ community.

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    1. (In the last year, I have been really bothered by the way the internet brings together enormous jerks. As it turns out, jerks play really well in the media, but we hardly ever hear about how the internet is bringing together people who are NOT jerks and just want to find some people who they can identify with. Thanks!)

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