e41. Snatching Banders?

You turn on the internet and you see that everyone on social media is talking about a new Netflix Original film. You know what’s coming next. Sometimes a piece of pop culture comes around that’s so big, it feels like the whole world is talking about it. When that happens, it’s a sure bet that if you study pop culture for a living, people are going to ask you to talk about it, even if it’s a piece of media from a franchise you don’t normally care about. And then it begins. You get a direct message here. You get a text message there. And then a tweet. And then people actually start asking you in person! What do you do? If you bite the bullet and review the media, turn to page 137. If you say the hell with it and refuse, turn to page 234.

p137: Hannah, Wayne, Katya and Mav are joined by returning guests Stephanie Siler and A. David Lewis to discuss Black Mirror: Bandersnatch as well as the idea of Interactive Television media and Choose Your Own Adventure books in general. How do they work? What is their relationship to traditional literature, films or video games? Did this movie work? Why or why not? And does the concept of interactive television have a future?

p234: You are eaten by a grue.

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