e45. Game of Oscars

This weekend is the Oscars and if you’re a movie junkie like Mav and Hannah, then in a way, this is kind of the Super Bowl of movies. And if you’re not an Oscar fan… well, don’t you want to be able to impress your friends by making all the right picks in the office pool? Well you should. Today we welcome back Hannah’s colleague Zoë Eckman and we teach you how to pick all the Oscar winners and give our picks for the winners this year. We also continue our argument that we started on the “Favourite RoyalTV” episode about just what is Oscarbait anyway! Do we resolve it? Have you ever heard this show before? And if that’s not enough… well, we also talk about the connections between Frozen and Game of Thrones. Admit it… now you’re curious.

Besides… If nothing else, won’t it be fun to make fun of us if we’re wrong?

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