e48. Political TV and Nostalgia

In the current age of Trump, we’ve noticed a peculiar trend. People yearning for the days of an earlier president… a great orator… a wise statesmen with decorum… a calming presence on television. Not Barack Obama (well, maybe he too). We’re talking about Jed Bartlet, fictional president on television’s The West Wing. Of course, he never existed. Nor did Leslie Knope of Parks and Rec or Bess Adams McCord of Madam Secretary or even Frank and Claire Underwood of House of Cards. And yet, many of us still find ourselves wishing we lived in their realities rather than our own. Mav and Hannah are joined by a returning Danny Anderson of The Sectarian Review Podcast as well as law student Josh Stroud to analyze political TV shows, their appeal, their accuracy and the nostalgia surrounding them.

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