e56. Endgame Analysis

So, if you’ve ever listened to our show, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re doing an episode about Avengers: Endgame. Honestly, this week, pretty much every podcast is doing an episode on Avengers: Endgame. So, if you haven’t seen it yet… honestly, it’s the most popular movie on the planet… there’s no way you haven’t seen it yet but you’re listening to this show. But if you somehow haven’t, well, there’s going to be spoilers here. Mav, Wayne and Hannah are joined by our returning guest Nicole Freim as we do a deep dive critical analysis into the film’s characters, events, cultural message and mythic structure… you know, but it’s us… so we also geek out and drink and stuff. There’s not too much we can say here without spoilers, so go see the film if you haven’t yet, then join us for some conversation and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. I’d say I finally finished listening to it, but really this was quick turn around for me.

    Awesome, awesome episode. Thank you for helping me to clarify some things in my head.



    As far as the Thor thing was concerned, some of the “jokes” fell flat for me, but I’m in agreement with the fact that it’s talked about and handled fairly well. When Banner is talking to Valkyrie, you get the sense that he’s thinking… “damn, we abandoned him. Crap.” And that totally happens. He tries to connect to him and remind him “hey, I know it sucks, but you’re not alone here. I’ve been there. Yada.”

    Yeah. Thor gets his mojo back and it doesn’t involve having to get the body formerly known as Thor back. He is Thor regardless of what he looks like.

    People were all down on Peter Parker questioning Captain Marvel. He’s been dead for 5 years. He’s only known her since being resurrected and his egotistical teenage ass was just walloped. Of course he’s concerned because if he just got trashed…. (I mean was he even there for the ship crushing scene?)

    Did the movie NEED to have the “Ride of the Valkyrie”? No. Was it a little ham fisted? Sure. Was I happy as hell that it was there? You betcha. I mean all the feels. The heavens parted. Yada.

    Absolutely I wanted to see more of Captain Marvel. I spent much of the movie going “where the f&$k is Captain Marvel”. Did they think it was going to flop? Oh, who wants to see more of her? I’m not a fan of the haircut. Perhaps in the same way I’m a fan of Thor not needing to change.

    I was a little disappointed that Luis wasn’t there ?. That’s a little bit of sadness. I’m almost tempted to go and see CHiPs now because of that actor.

    Thanks for touching on Mav’s thoughts regarding Capt. America and the Falcon. I was wondering if it was different.

    I wanted to see Loki at the end. A little disappointed that didn’t happen.

    I’m wondering how much the new Spider-Man movie will tie up loose time travel ends. (Clearly you recorded before the trailer came out. Does that trailer modify any of your thoughts at this point?)

    Okay. I’ve hopped all over in this response. Thanks again ?

    1. To answer you a bit….


      Spider-man/Peter Parker is my favorite superhero of all time. And in this movie he’s a kid who, as you said, has been dead for five years and may not know what the audience does. I admit I scoffed a bit in theaters when he asked Carol if she could get across by herself, but that wasn’t what really bothered me in that scene. It was the “she’s not alone” line that implied she needed the help. When we know she of all people really, really didn’t. That being said, I just liked seeing all the women together, even though how it came together is open to critique.

      I don’t know if the new Spider-man movie will tie up the loose time travel ends. I think that the Disney + live action series (like the one about Loki) may be the space where they do that. Based on the trailer and comments that it will deal with the aftermath of Endgame, I think it will definitely tie up some of the emotions of what it’s like to come back and half your high school class is now in college and other stuff like that.

      Thanks for listening!

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