Call For Comments: Does Pop Culture Matter? (LIVE show at Wizard World Pittsburgh)

From Mav: Well, this is kind of exciting. We’ve been invited to do a live panel at Wizard World Pittsburgh this week. We’ll be joining together with our good friend Danny Anderson of the Sectarian Review to talk about why pop culture matters on Sunday, July 28th at 12:30 in room 315 at the Wizard World show, so if you’re going to the con you should definitely join us for a dual recording of both shows. And if you’re not going to the con (well, one you should be… we’re there, and what could be better than that?) or if you’re not local to the Pittsburgh area, share your thoughts with us now. Wayne and I are also going to be joined by a couple of my colleagues, Josie Rush and Caitlyn Hunter, so it should be a really good time.

For some background, Danny found an article that he was hoping to talk about on the intersection of Pop Culture and Religion and why it should never happen… as one might guess by listening to either his show or ours… we all obviously vehemently disagree, and in all likelihood if you’re a fan of either show, you probably do too. We think pop culture is super important… of course, the question that we might never answer is… WHY? Are we just assuming that pop culture is important because we like it in the same way as people who don’t like it assume that it’s not because it’s just garbage? What goes into the question of “mattering” anyway? Well, we want to talk about that and figure it out. Here’s the teaser that Wayne wrote up for the Wizard World program:

From Wayne: Does Pop Culture Matter?: A round table panel discussion on what we’re all doing here anyway. There is a long standing debate between the nature of ‟High Culture” and ‟Low Culture” and their comparative value. This group of panelists recently saw an article that proposed the idea that Pop Culture is, essentially, a waste of time. The proliferation of conventions such as this shows there is a tremendous hunger for Pop Culture. Are we, to paraphrase Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, ‟wasting our lives,” or is there a cultural value to all of this beyond simple entertainment? In this panel discussion we hope to address these issues.

We hope to see you there to join in on the discussion. let us know if you’re coming or let us know your thoughts even if you’re not.

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