Call For Comments: Monster Class Syllabus

From Mav: Last year we did one of our most fun ideas for a show, the Comics Course syllabus. Basically we got a bunch of instructors together who have taught college classes on comics and all argued it out until we came up with a reading list for a class. Well, we want to do it again. Only this time we’re going to try something a little different. Long time listeners of the show know that we’ve done several episodes about monsters in popular culture with our friends Dr. Michael Chemers and Dr. Heather Duda. Those were a lot of fun too. So… why not shove those things together and see what we come up with?

Monsters Class!

We want to do the same exercise but with monster narratives. Much like the last time, this is open ended. We’re looking for suggestions. We want to know what are your favorite monster books (it could also be a film or whatever) about monsters and why? What books about monsters do you think that everyone who is interested in monsters should absolutely read? I expect most people will probably approach this from a literature but you don’t have to. If you have a monster story that you think is particularly relevant from some other area (philosophy? science? whatever) let us know about that too. We want to know from people who teach and people who just like stories about monsters. Oh and they can be any monster stories that you think is meaningful. They can be classic or more modern. It doesn’t have to be horror (though it can be). I just used the image that’s attached to this because it was painted by our friend Byron Winton… and I love it and wanted to give him a plug .

And if you do teach and you ever use monster books when teaching, we’re definitely interested. Let us know if you’re interested in being on this episode

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