e84. Comics, Sci-Fi, Fantasy: What is Geek Culture?

Live from MAC Charity Con 2019. Comic book conventions stopped being about comic books a long time ago. In fact, the comic book subculture stopped being about comics a long time ago. Today, it’s more “geek culture” and it includes comics, sci-fi, fantasy, role-playing games, and many other things. But somehow, there are many pop culture genres that don’t seem to fit. Is horror a part of geek culture? What about romance? Sports? Cowboy westerns? Why do so many geeks hate Twilight? Why is there so much gate keeping in geek culture? Wayne and Mav traveled to Mount Aloysius College for their annual comic book convention and academic conference to discuss these very questions. They are joined by friend of the show, host of the Sectarian Review and professor at Mount Aloysius, Danny Anderson and an audience full of students to discuss just what is geek culture anyway?

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