e92: 2010s Decade in Review

Somehow it’s 2020. I don’t get how that happened. 2020 isn’t a year… 2020 is what you make up if you’re setting some science fiction story in the future and you’re too lazy to pick an interesting sound year like 2027 or something. But somehow it actually is 2020, which means the start of a new decade. And that also means it’s time to look back at the decade that was. There were a lot of changes in pop culture in the 2010s. And they’re not just the obvious ones. Sure, we had a lot of big movie franchises and tv shows come and go. We had new bands premiere and blow up. We had some great books and tv shows. But that’s not what we want to talk about. We want to talk about cultural change. What have been the massive shifts in the culture of the last decade that CAUSE the things that are popular to become popular. Mav, Hannah, Wayne and Katya get together for one last New Years show and talk it out and run over some of the biggest changes in the last ten years. We’re going to get back to regular shows next week! We promise! In the mean time, give this a listen and let us know what you think.

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