e103. Birds of Prey and the Fantaboulous Deconstruction of one VoxPopcast

All across the world, everyone is trapped in their homes riding out the COVID-19 pandemic. Movie cineplexes are shut down. Sports, Concerts and other Events are being cancelled. TV shows are running out of new episodes. Just this week, we learned that comic books are going to stop shipping. We’re running out of pop culture. BUT… we still have a show to do. And luckily there’s stuff to talk about that we hadn’t gotten a chance to. One of those things is the movie Birds of Prey and the Fantaboulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn which came out earlier this year. There was a little bit of controversy surrounding the movie, as it underperformed box office projections and critics wondered if this due to its feminist message, sexism in the market place or a complete and total breakdown of the marketing department. Join Katya, Hannah and Mav as we they break down the film and talk about what they loved about it, what worked, what didn’t, deconstruct it and speculate as to what went wrong.

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