e119. Copaganda II: Going Rogue

A few weeks ago, we released an episode about “copaganda.” On that show we started out talking about the TV show Paw Patrol and internet calls to have it and other cop shows cancelled in the wake of the #DefundThePolice movement and heightened scrutiny on law enforcement in the United States (Note from Mav: And Paw Patrol should be cancelled, not for those reasons but because it is a vile horrible crime against humanity and decency). During that we focused a lot on the ideas behind police defunding and the scrutiny on the shows and how they fit into contemporary culture. However, we ended up with even more questions and said that a sequel was warranted. Well, now we’re doing it. On this weeks show, Hannah, Wayne and Mav invite back violence in media scholar and fight choreographer Meron Langsner and retired police officer and actor Ryan Scott Thomas to discuss why it is that people love cop stories so much anyway. And moreover, why do we love cop stories about people that we wouldn’t really ever want on a police force? What is the fascination with the bad cop, the rogue cop, the super cop, and the cop that breaks all of the rules? Listen and let us know what you think.

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