e120. Quarantine Comfort TV

Let me tell you a story, children. Way back in the before time, in the long long ago, before the plague came, we used to have this stuff we called content… media… shows. Back then, if we wanted entertainment, we would turn on our magic picture boxes and marvel at the wonders that displayed before our eyes. Sometimes, if we were feeling like it was a special day, we’d even go out and gather in large groups with other actual breathing human beings that we didn’t know, and congregate in front of a giant picture box and watch them together. It was also magical. Then the Rona came…and we were no longer allowed to congregate with strangers in front of the giant picture box. For a time, we continued to watch new content on our personal picture boxes, but then slowly but surely… the content wells dried up. The great and mighty content Mouse and Brothers Warner empires couldn’t produce from inside of the Rona. There was less and less content. We had to make due with what we had. We were forced to watch new content we’d never seen, from smaller content wizards… sometimes made in their very own homes. Then, when we ran out of that, we turned to watching older content that we had simply missed when the content well was abundant and then… with no other choice… we turned to watching content that we had already seen… AGAIN. And that’s how we got to now!

On today’s show, Mav, Hannah, Katya and Wayne get together to talk about the TV shows and movies they’ve been watching to get them through the COVID quarantine. Here are our recommendations for some things you might enjoy. Give it a listen and let us know which ones have you seen? Or, are there any that we might have sold you on? Let us know.

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