e173. War of the Readings

Episode Artwork for War of the Readings

The Internet has one main purpose: arguing about things that don’t really matter. I’m sure you’ve seen this, people will fight over whether a movie was good or bad, what the significance of a particular scene of a TV show was, what was the hidden theme of a book, or perhaps most notably today… should a certain celebrity be cancelled or not. The internet is full of “hot takes” on pop culture. Arguably, however, one could say that these arguments are not as useless as they initially appear. Arguably they are very backbone of literary criticism and the entire reason that stories are interesting in the first place. On this week’s episode, Mav, Katya and Wayne are joined by returning guest Andrew Darowski to discuss the very idea of multiple readings. Why do different so-called experts (you know, like us) so often have different takes on a single story or piece of art and why is that just as important as the original work in the first place? Why are there different readings… and just what isa reading anyway? Listen and let us know your thoughts.

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