e191. Pop Culture Casserole

Episode artwork featuring Melissa Benoist, Joe Biden, Ridley Scott, Lin Manue Miranda, Prince Charles, Zazie Beetz, Jennifer Hudson and a pop culture casserole

As we transition from the fall holidays through the winter ones we’ve noticed that there was a bunch of pop culture things have just fallen through the cracks. Like, really a WHOLE lot of them. And what do you do when you have a bunch of odds and ends left over from Thanksgiving that don’t quite warrant a meal on their own, but you still have to make dinner to feed your family? You mix them all together and you make a casserole. That’s the kind of theory we wanted to bring to this week’s episode. It’s a pop culture casserole, so to speak.

On this week’s show, Monica, Hannah, Katya and Mav get together to discuss a bunch of recent happenings in pop culture… everything from the series finale of Supergirl to “how is Joe Biden’s presidency going?” We draw parallels between recent events and we connect them to cultural happenings of the last few years. Come on, admit it… you’re looking at the episode artwork and wondering “What does the movie Cats and the musical Hamilton have to do with Zazie Beetz and Prince Charles?” That’s what a pop culture casserole is all about. Throw everything together bake it… (or half bake it?) and see what happens. So listen and let us know what you think.

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