e205. Why Do We Love Batman?

episode artwork for Why We Love Batman featuring several Batman and Catwmoan iterations.

If you’re a regular listener of this show then you no doubt are aware that the Batman was released in cinemas last week. At the current moment, it is in fact the number one movie at the box office worldwide. And of course, that was to be expected. Everyone knew that it would be a big deal because Batman is always a big deal! We love Batman. You love Batman! Everyone loves Batman! Even before the current renaissance of superhero movies driven by the MCU, Batman seemed to be the one exception that could always be counted on to be a success. Similarly, he has consistently beeline of the top selling comics for more than eighty years. With comics, movies, tv shows, cartoons, toys, video games, novels, and underoos, Batman is a cultural icon. But why? What makes the character of Batman so important? What makes him interesting? What makes him culturally significant? On this week’s episode, Hannah, Wayne and Mav are joined by returning guest John Darowski to talk about why we love Batman and reflect on his history, his staying power, and the culture surrounding him. Listen and let us know your thoughts.

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