e210. #PCAACA22: The Afterparty

For the last several weeks the hosts of VoxPopcast have been preparing for a conference. Well, that was this week! Last week you heard our conference workshop where we tried to help each other with our ideas. Next week., we’re going to bring you the papers themselves so you can see what we did. But this week we have something special. One of the most important parts of the academic conference is the networking. In fact, a lot of VoxPopcast came about as an attempt to replicate the conversations at the bar or during dinner after conferences like PCA. So just like we did after PCA2021 and PCA2019, we decided to have an Afterparty in Mav’s hotel room with some old and new friends at the concert. So on this week’s episode Mav, Wayne, Monica and Hannah are joined by returning guests Stephanie Siler, Andrew Deman, Maggie Yankovich, and John Darowski as well as first-time guests Fi Stewart-Taylor and Katlin Shuherk — all of whom presented at this year’s conference — to unwind and discuss how everything went. And then, you’ll hear one of the best part of the conference experience: when a bunch of nerds are talking about their research and then organically start pitching a new paper idea. Is it an interesting thing we should pursue further? Listen and let us know in the comments below.

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