e231. So, You Should Be Watching A League of Their Own

Episode artwork featuring characters from the A League of their Own Tv series

Way too often, when we talk about “pop culture” in 2022, we focus on superheroes, space cowboys with laser swords, and maybe a couple fantasy epics. And in fact, if you were to look at the top of the streaming charts this month, those are sort of the biggest things on the pop culture horizon right now. But that’s not all of pop culture and it really shouldn’t be. In 1992, Penny Marshall directed the movie A League of the Their Own. It became an instant classic. It’s funny, heart warming and quotable. It’s been in the American Film Registry since 2012. This year for the 30th anniversary, Amazon decided to reboot it with a TV series that reimagines the simple family comedy as a poignant and more grown up look at the racism and homophobia that ran rampant through that era of American history, while still trying to capture the heart and passion of the original. On this week’s episode, Hannah, Monica, Wayne an Mav are joined by Dr. Ornella Nzindukiyimana to talk about the show and its innovative portrayal of blackness and queerness in 1940s America. Have you seen the show? Probably not, but if you’re a fan of smart, diverse, LGBTQ-positive dramedy (and if you listen to our show you probably are) you should be! Well, hopefully we’ll inspire you to check it out. Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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