e237. So, We Need to Talk About Kanye…

Three weeks ago, Kanye West decided to premiere a line of White Lives Matter t-shirts at Paris Fashion Week… and somehow with that at the starting point pretty much every day since he has somehow managed to become MORE racist and problematic. And so, in the last few weeks, Kanye has continued a persistent stream of anti-black and anti-semitic rhetoric while also spouting his usual delusions and apparently buying the social media site Parler. While it might not be clear what exactly is going on with Kanye, two things are clear. First, he is escalating and becoming more and more dangerous. Second, this is not a thing where we can just ignore him and he’ll go away. On this week’s special crossover episode with The Handsome Genius Club Radio Show, Mav and Anthony Kingdom James (host of HGC) welcome returning guest Meron Langsner to talk all about Kanye and his litany of recent controversies as well as why it is important to address him and not just ignore him. Join us as we try to wade through this nonsense, as distasteful as it may be, talk about its connection to greater issues of politics, identity politics, critical race theory and a bunch of other actually relevant buzzwords, and try to come out the other end with at least some level of understanding about Kanye West and the danger he currently poses.

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