e242. A Specifically Very Positive Thanksgiving Ep

Episode artwork featuring the perfect Thanksgiving food: Cranberry Sauce!

If you’ve been watching the news lately you might have noticed that things have been… kind of gloomy. Trump is running for president again. Twitter is imploding. The pandemic is still here. BUT… it’s Thanksgiving! At least it is here in America. Thanksgiving’s origins tell of friendship and togetherness between natives and colonizers. OK, it’s probably a myth. But, a lot of the modern holiday appears to be … being trapped with your family and dealing with THAT drunken uncle who has questionable politics. But we talk about that sort of thing all the time. Instead, this Thanksgiving, we decided that maybe we’d celebrate it by having a distinctly positive episode about the holiday.

So, on this episode Mav, Katya, Hannah and Monica talk about what they enjoy about the Thanksgiving holiday from the food to the parade to… for some reason… Gossip Girl? We also have a very important and lively debate about the correct for factor for cranberry sauce. Join us and let us know what you think.

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