e243. What’s in a Name? (or Several)

Sometimes we come up with an episode idea that we just completely mean to be filler. We have no real agenda and not as much research as normal, but we need to fill a week before a much more complicated show and so we just decide “lets have a discussion topic and see how it goes.” Except, this is an interactive show of sorts. If you follow the blog or the facebook page, you might have seen that on our most recent Call For Comments, we had just a TON of responses. The simple topic was supposed to be “let’s talk about the concept of having codenames in place of regular names.” But you, our listeners had lots of thoughts. So on this episode, we talk about it! Wayne and Mav are joined by returning guest Matt Linton to talk all about identity and how it’s wrapped up in naming. Listen and let us know your thoughts.

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  1. Still only part way in, but almost immediately it occurred to me just how widespread this is. Not even just the clear and obvious ones like superheroes, wrestlers, musicians, strippers, actors, writers using a pen name, online gamers and content creators, etc, but even something as simple as social circles. How common is it for people to have different names or nicknames that they use only around their family and a different one at work and a different one around your closest friends none of which is the name you go by in your day to day life and might even accompany a slightly different demeanor that you present to the world. For instance, I typically go by Steve, but to my immediate family I remained Steven long after I started going by Steve, and I think we all act differently around our parents and siblings than we do in our normal day to day. But also, most of my coworkers in EMS have always known me as Shaffer, and again, I have a very different demeanor among that crowd than my norm. This might also have some overlap for some people with code switching.

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