e247. 36-ish Things You Missed in 2022

Another year is in the books. 2022 has come and gone. Welcome to 2023. But, there’s one last piece of business to finish from yesteryear. Welcome to the annual VoxPopcast Year in Review show. If you’re new to our year in review, we don’t really do a best of show… we did 52 episodes last year, if you want to hear what we thought of things in those weeks, go check! Instead, we do something a little different. We called it “Things You Missed”. Specifically, what are the best things you missed in media from last year that we DIDN’T get around to devoting a show to? On this week’s show, Mav, Katya, Wayne and Monica are joined by special guest and friend of the show Stephanie Siler to talk about our favorite media from 2022 that we hadn’t gotten around to talking about before. So listen and let us know if you liked them too or even better, if we’ve inspired you to check them out later?

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