e254. A Primer On the Ages of Comics

Episode artwork with several comic book cover from different ages of comics.

If you’re a long time comic book fan, you’ve probably used the terms “Golden Age”, “Silver Age”, “Bronze Age” and “Modern Age” to talk about different periods in comic publishing history. You probably don’t really think about what they mean most of the time, but you do have a vague distinction in your mind. For people less into comics, perhaps you’ve heard your comic geeks friends say that and assumed they had distinct meanings but didn’t care enough to go beyond that. Or maybe you’ve just never heard of the terms before now, but now you’re thinking “oh, of course there are ages of comics. It only makes sense.” Does it though? It turns out that these distinctions aren’t as hard and fast as we like to pretend they are. They’re not rigidly defined. We’re not even 100% sure exactly how many ages there are. On today’s show, Wayne and Mav sit down with friend of the show John Darowski to talk about the ages of comics, when and how they were defined, why they are (or aren’t useful), and how none of this is as obvious as it sounds.

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