e258. A Primer on the Ages of Disney

A few weeks ago we did a show all about the “Ages of Comics” and why comics scholars and fans broke things down the way they do. It was a lot of fun and it got us and got us thinking about how it isn’t quite as intuitive or even universally nailed down as people tend to pretend it is. But that brought us to the discussion of other pop culture segments and fandoms and how they follow similar trends. One of the biggest is Disney. Disney is almost certainly the most important pop culture creator on the planet. They are a company that will turn 100 years old this year. They are beloved… and hated by people worldwide and there are scholars who have devoted their lives to studying it. But, they’re also in many ways a black box to people who don’t think about the ins and outs on a regular basis.

On this weeks show, Mav is joined by returning guests Andrew and Kestra Darowski, hosts of the Disney Animation Minute Essentials Podcast, and Peter Cullen Bryan, chair of Disney Studies for the Pop Culture Association, to discuss the evolution and ages of Disney, the largest media corporation on the planet. Listen and let us know what you think.

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  1. An interesting thought from the section near the end of the podcast where the discussion turns towards Disney’s mergers and the diversity of markets Disney is active in, has Disney reached the point where perhaps it can rightfully be referred to as a megacorporation? It hasn’t quite reached monopoly status in any one market, but I think it can be argued to be the predominant corporation in some markets, and Disney World even enjoys some extraterritorial benefits. And I wonder what other companies such as Google/Alphabet might be quietly closing in on reaching a similar status. Might, possibly be worth an episode unto itself.

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