e287. We Made This! Why We Love DIY!

episode artwork featuring some of our DIY projects.

Do you like to knit? Paint? Build stuff? Sew? Bake? Garden? Work on your own car? Maybe you don’t do any of those things, but chances are you have some kind of craft type thing that you enjoy which frankly, you could probably pay someone to do, but really you just enjoy doing it yourself. Maybe it’s cheaper. Maybe you’re really good at it. Or maybe, you just enjoy the experience. On this week’s episode, Mav, Hannah and Katya discuss the concept of “making” and do-it-yourself. Why do we enjoy hobbies that basically amount to “doing someone else’s job for free” and why are we so insanely proud of ourselves when we do? Listen and let us know if you agree and give us your thoughts on making and crafting and DIY stuff in the comments below.

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