e290. Figuring Out Fall & Analyzing Autumn

Episode artwork featuring fall symbols, pumpkins, leaves and hay

Fall may be the weirdest season for pop culture. Think about it, we have celebrations based around the winter holidays… not just Christmas… but the whole season is just full of movies and media celebrating the very concept of winter. Summer is much the same. We have summer blockbusters and beach reads. We have the very concept of family vacationing. Even Spring has everything from the rites of Spring to Spring Break. But Fall? Fall has… Pumpkin Spice? Ok, there’s also Halloween and Thanksgiving, but those are individual holidays that seem to substitute for the season at large. There has to be more, right? Does autumn have a culture in and of itself? On this week’s episode Hannah, Wayne and Mav are joined by returning guest Stephanie Siler to try and figure all of that out. Listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

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