e307. Madame Web, Morbius, and Movies of Obligation

It seems silly to ask if you’ve seen Madame Web. We can see the box office returns and we know that you probably didn’t. BUT, if you’re listening to our show you almost certainly have heard of Madame Web. And we’re absolutely sure that you’ve heard of Morbius. And you probably didn’t watch that either. But don’t worry. We watched it so you don’t have to! On this week’s special double date post-Valentines episode Monica and Mav welcome back to the show their partners Lindsay and Stephanie to talk all about… uhh… the movie event of the season? Yeah… let’s go with that! Was it that bad? Was there any redeeming value? Which one was worse? Why does Sony keep making these? On this week’s episode we answer all that and more as we give our honest interpretations of a movie that had every superhero movie fan in the world saying “but why?” Listen and leave us comments and let us know what you thought… especially if you saw the movie too.

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