e314. Fashion, Furniture, and Furballs — Six Years of VoxPopcast

On this week’s show, all five co-hosts are online to celebrate six years of producing a weekly pseudo academic roundtable of pop culture analysis with drinking and swearing. It isn’t too often that we can get the entire gang together these days, so this week we thought we’d do so with no strict agenda other than to catch up on things going on in our lives and our personal obsseverations of culture. So join Mav, Wayne, Katya, Hannah and Monica as we somehow start with discussing Hannah’s new dog and that takes us down an eclectic path of topics, from the trivialities of weather differences to movie releases and to the impact of social media and the shared passions and whimsies of the hosts. We’ve been doing this for six years, so join us for our anniversary and see where the hour takes us.

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