e316. 2024 Summer Movie Season

It’s been four years since movies shut down for the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. It’s probably been too long to say we’re still “rebuilding” the box office. We also don’t have last year’s abbreviated season due to the dual Hollywood Writing and Acting strikes. So, for the first time in quite some time we’re probably going to have what can best be described a “normal summer movie season.” But what does that mean? On this Mav and Hannah take a deep dive into the summer movie season for 2024, blending personal stories with sharp analysis of upcoming films. Join us as we talk about everything from The Fall Guy, to Inside Out 2 to Deadpool and Wolverine. The conversation also explores the evolving movie-going experience post-pandemic, including ticket prices and viewing habits, while assessing the impact of academic schedules and subscription services on their movie-watching. Then let us know if you’re excited or dreading the same films we are in the comments below.

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