e318. A.I. in Academia: Balancing Technology and Traditional Learning

(Note from Mav. This is an episode about A.I. and Academic writing… so I decided to just let Descript‘s A.I. take a stab at writing the show notes all by itself. Parentheticals are by me. So here’s how it did!)

(Not bad. Not perfect, but serviceable I guess. I don’t think it really has much personality and it doesn’t feel great for our show. But still, it’s something, and at least it didn’t use a billion emojis like the Call For Comments. So, I also let it generate a prompt to generate the episode artwork… Here’s the prompt it came up with)

(Not so much with the clear legible font. It really wanted to include the title I guess, but Playground AI wasn’t great at figuring it out. A lot of the “e318” attempts just… didn’t work. And any attempt to “do text” was pretty much just greeking, even though it knew what text it was supposed to use. It probably would have been better with one of the more advanced pay ArtGen AIs, but I didn’t really care for this. Also, it took some serious tweaking of Playground AI to get the artwork I am using and I had to train it on our regular logo, but I figured it’d also be fun to include some of the other suggestions in the gallery below. I will note that AI art generation SERIOUSLY prefers random white people for academic podcast artwork I guess.)

(Anyway, let us know what you think. As always give us your comments both on the the stuff we said in the episode and maybe on the AI show notes and episode artwork in the comments. Ok, on to the Links, which I admit the A.I. didn’t write. I just did it myself so I wouldn’t be here all night)

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