e33. Thanksgiving Politics

If you live in the United States, it was Thanksgiving last week, and that means spending time with family. And lately, it seems that a big part of spending time with family for the holidays is discussion politics…. in detail… disgusting, gross, bloody, racist, misogynist detail… with your drunk uncle who got all of his information from PwnTheLibs.com or something like that. We thought it’d be great to bring that experience to the show. Mav, Wayne, Katya and Hannah are joined by Stephanie Siler to discuss how politics are mediated in 2018. In particular, what does it mean to have a political discussion when the majority of people’s news comes from social media? Why are all politics so tribal now? Do facts matter? Is there anything that can make someone abandon their parties candidate no matter how heinous they might be? And does anyone ever change their minds about anything? And if not, why bother arguing anyway? We focus on the upcoming Mississippi run-off race (particularly important to Hannah as it is her home state) and the rise of Trumpism in America and many other things. Let us know what you think.

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