e53. PCA/ACA 2019 Preview: Comic Studies

On last week’s episode, Katya and Hannah shared the topics of their papers for this year’s upcoming PCA/ACA. Now it’s Wayne and Mav’s turn to do the same. As we prepare to head off to the conference this week, Wayne shares the basics of his topic, a Jungian psychological evaluation of the Kevin Matchstick, the lead character from the three part epic comic series, Mage, and explains how he sees a mirror in Kevin’s Campellian Hero’s Journey in the primary antagonist, Amil. After that Mav explains his paper topic, a structuralist analysis of the artwork of Rob Liefeld and Milo Manara and how their hypersexualized artwork establishes gender in superhero narratives. We’re coming up on the conference and we all need your help. So give the episode a listen (and last week’s) and let us know if you have any thoughts! And if you’re in DC for the conference this week, let us know so we can hang out.

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