Call for Comments: Seduced by Bridgerton?

From Hannah: Yes, we basically just released our episode discussing the first season of Bridgerton. But there’s a lot to talk about we didn’t cover!

(And I’m turning thirty in … this world … so I used the pity of my co-hosts to get them to agree to release a sequel episode on my birthday.)

We analyzed quite a lot in our previous episode, but Bridgerton has so much going on that we originally were able to only briefly discuss topics or missed some thing all together. Was there anything we missed that we should discuss this time? Did we get something wrong? Are there any nineteenth-century or contemporary medias we should discuss alongside Bridgerton? What are your hopes for season two? We want to continue the discussion, and welcome your contributions, especially as Netflix gears up to begin filming season two!

And, also, am I completely wrong when I say that Prince Friedrich deserved better?

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