e149. Let’s Talk About SuperSex

Episode artwork with several superheroes kissing and having supersex.

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you had a podcast devoted to pop culture with a penchant for discussing comics with some bit of regularity and a holiday came up that was devoted to beauty of love and dating and you wanted to do something nice and sweet to commemorate the holiday, what would you do? Obviously you’d devote the whole episode to talking about superheroes having sex… or SuperSex, if you will! Duh!?! You know you would. Well, ok, that’s what we did, anyway.

On this week’s episode, Wayne, Hannah, and Mav invite back returning guest, Dr. Anna Peppard, who recently edited an academic collection of essays called SuperSex, which is all about… well… superheroes having sex. Join us as we discuss the ramifications and limitations of possessing superpowers while having sex as well as the ways that normative and non-normative sexuality have been portrayed in comics over the decade. Listen and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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