e162. Multimedia & Literary Crossovers

We live in a geeky world. There are roughly 800 bajillion superhero tv shows and movies released every year. Even once we get away from superhero content, we quickly move into sci-fi, other comics, and toy based nostalgia IPs. Each property trying to build a cinematic universe to ensure that its fans consume more and more content. The key to those cinematic universes seems to be the crossover. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the CW Arrowverse, If two stories take place in the same super world, then fans can’t wait to see their favorite heroes team up. This isn’t limited to superhero content. Crossovers are a big deal in everything from video games like Super Smash Brothers to the Shondaland TV shows. But it doesn’t start with TV, there’s a history of literary crossovers that goes back centuries.

On this week’s episode Mav, Hannah, Wayne, and Katya are joined by crossover expert and host of the Secret Wars & Beyond podcast, Sean Ross, to talk about crossovers in several media forms from comics to novels, to video games, to TV to movies. Why are they effective? Why do people love them? Why do people hate them? And most importantly, what is a crossover anyway? The answer to that isn’t as clear cut as it may seem. Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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