e170. What is Serialization? Tune in next week!

Episode artwork for What is Serialization? Tune in next week!

In today’s pop culture landscape, serialization is everything. TV, movies, novels, comics. Addict people to your ongoing series and hope they keep paying for another installment. Somehow, despite the fact that we are 170 episodes into a podcast SERIES about pop culture media, much of which is SERIALIZED, hosted by people who literally study SERIALIZATION in different forms… and yet, we’ve never really talked about the concept of SERIALIZATION. Namely… what is it? Well, it’s time to fix that. On today’s episode, Katya, Hannah, Wayne and Mav get together to discuss the history of serialization, the technology changes that needed to occur to make it possible, why it is popular, what counts as serialized and what doesn’t and a host of other literary topics that entails. None of it is as obvious as it might seem at first. So give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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