Call for Comments: The Return of Serialization II: Electric Boogaloo

From Hannah: On our 170th show back in July of 2021, we (finally) took a deep-dive into the concept of serialization. We discussed everything from (some) of the history of serialization, the economics, the question of “wholeness,” serialization and the Internet … but we also left a lot of questions unanswered.

Which, to be fair, is typical of our show. Given our unofficial catchphrase is, “So we’ve resolved nothing.”

But the answer is obviously to have a sequel … to both better serialize our own podcast and to continue the art of resolving nothing.

Some of the issues around serialization I want to explore are:

  • How does audience response affect the serial form?
  • How does the serial form affect its audience?
  • How productive is it to discuss different types of serials (novels and television, for example) together?
  • How does the form of the serial affect its characters and how they’re developed over time?

What do you think we missed in the original episode? What should we elaborate on? What forms of serialization should we talk about?

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