e200. Secret Origins Starring VoxPopcast: Special Anniversary Edition

Episode artwork as a parody of DC Comics Secret Origins

It’s unbelievable, but somehow we’ve been doing this for 200 episodes! It’s time to celebrate. One today’s episode we look back on nearly four years of podcasting AND we discuss the secret origins of every host of the show and how we got into pop culture academia. PLUS, a two bonus secret origins of how both Hannah and Monica ended up joining the show after it started. Join us as we take a wild ride through a story that starts with religious purity classes and goes through pornographic clothing catalogs written by Slavoj Žižek… and no we are not kidding about any of this. We said it’s a secret origin story of how WE got here and like… look at us! So join us for this special supersized anniversary episode, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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