e206. Return of the Oscars Preview – 2022

Episode artwork for Oscars preview

If you’re a movie fan then you might know that the Oscars are coming up next weekend. In fact, you probably even know if you’re not a movie fan. The Oscars are weird. Every year they’re a big deal for Hollywood… except really, does anyone care? The Oscars have been bleeding viewers lately, with last year’s broadcast pulling in an all-time low of 10.4million people. That’s a 58% drop from the already low 2020 viewership. Is that the worst show on TV. No, but for comparison, last week’s 60 Minutes pulled in 8 million viewers. You get 7.5M for an episode of NCIS and 6.8M for a Young Sheldon. A random episode of any of NBC’s Law & Order series is worth 4-4.5M and all of these shows are much cheaper to produce than running the Academy Awards.

Are the Oscars worth it? Probably not! But they’re happening anyway! And we’re going to talk about them.

On this week’s supersized episode, Mav and Monica are joined by film critic and production coordinator Sam J. Barnett to talk about the Oscars and give our full preview and predictions of the entire ceremony. Because even if people don’t actually care about the Oscars, somehow, everyone is still aware of them and seems to have opinions about what should win. So listen and let us know your thoughts. If nothing else, maybe we can help you win an office betting pool. Amaze your friends by picking winners from films you haven’t seen! And if you fill out your own Oscar ballot, let us know who you pick and see if you can beat us.

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