Call for Comments: Dissertations, what the hell are they?

From Katya: You know us as the pseudo-academic podcast with drinking and swearing. We also lied about that (very openly, in all fairness.) All of us have Ivory Tower experiences through teaching, conferences, independent scholarship, and the occasional long-winded degree.

I left academic research a few years ago and the transition from being surrounding by a bunch of academics to being around very few in my daily life has shown me two things.

  1. No one has any idea what we do.
  2. Surprisingly, people want to know what we do.

I’m still genuinely confused by 2) and a recent conversation with some folks considering graduate school made me wonder….

What do y’all think a dissertation is?

I genuinely want to know! So we’re going to do a little experimental survey to see what folks think – and definitely add comments below too!

(or go directly to the Google Form)

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