e224. A Filler Episode on Filler Episodes

Episode Artwork featuring filler episodes of some of the shows we discuss.

One of the most important things about academia is being in conversation with other academics. That is to say that the way knowledge happens is one scholar says something and then another scholar builds on it and so on and so on. About a week ago, our friends over at the Protagonist Podcast did an episode of TV shows cancelled too soon. It was something a filler episode for them. It didn’t really fit their regular format, but it was a good discussion. During the course of that conversation they decided that an interesting related topic would be to discuss the concept of “filler episodes”. They then basically dared us to cover it. Well, as it turns out we needed a filler episode this week. So here we are. On this week’s show, we talk about filler episodes. For starters… what are they? Do they still happen or are they a thing of the past? Join Hannah, Katya and Mav as we discuss some of our all time favorite filler episodes of television as well as what makes the concept work and not work and how it relates to the study of literature and pop culture as a whole. Oh… and we also talk about San Diego Comic Con… because of course we do. Listen and let us know what you think.

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